Science Fiction and the Bible (EABS)- Call for papers

 Science Fiction and the Bible (EABS)

2014 European Association of Biblical Studies International Meeting


Vienna, Austria 


Meeting Begins: 7/6/2014
Meeting Ends: 7/10/2014
Call For Papers Opens: 10/28/2013
Call For Papers Closes: 2/5/2014

Call For Papers: For our meeting in Vienna in 2014 (July 6th-10th), we accept proposals for papers which look at a specific passage or concept in biblical literature informed by SF (theory or a specific work or genre within SF). In addition to this, we expand our scope to invite considerations about religion and ethics (in conjunction with SF), which may not be directly linked to a specific biblical passage.

Program Unit Chairs
 Frauke Uhlenbruch

Participation Details
  • A person is normally limited to participate in no more than two regular program sessions as a presenter, panelist, or respondent.
  • SBL committee and business sessions do not count toward this total.
  • Proposals require presentation title and an abstract of approximately 300 words—longer abstracts will be shortened.
  • Papers are most often allotted 20-25 minutes in a session, with 5-10 minutes for discussion.
  • If you have a question about a particular program unit, email the chair listed in the Call for Papers for that unit.
  • Proposals must be submitted through the online system.
  • All presentations must be new presentations of the scholar's own original work. In absentia presentations are not typically accepted.
  • Papers cannot be repeated in other sessions or at other SBL meetings.

Registration and Membership Requirements
Program Participation
  • Membership is required in either SBL or EABS from the time of proposal through the meeting.
  • Membership status will be checked by May 1 and non-current members will be removed from the program at that time.
Registration for Meeting
  • All participants and attendees are required to register through SBL.
  • Registration rates are the same for members of EABS and SBL.
  • All meeting participants must be registered by May 1. Registration will be checked and those not registered will be removed from the program.
Waivers of Registration and/or Membership Requirements
  • The consideration for waiver is not simply whether one is or is not a "biblical scholar," but whether one works regularly with the literatures, histories, and cultures (material and social) that interface "Bible," broadly construed.
  • Membership in other related organizations (e.g., AAR, ASOR) does not qualify one for a waiver.
  • Waivers are granted on a one-time basis only. If a waiver recipient wishes to participate on the program a second time in subsequent years, he or she must join the SBL.
  • Waivers will not be granted to expired SBL members.
  • A waiver for the International Meeting includes:
    • Waiver of membership requirement;
    • Complimentary meeting registration;
  • The waivers program is administered by the Congresses staff in consultation with the Executive Director and the International Meeting Program Committee.
  • Waivers register using a waiver registration form, which is usually sent to all waiver recipients by May 15.

Propose a Paper for this Program Unit
If you are a SBL member, you must login before you can propose a paper for this or any other session. Please login by entering your SBL member number on the left in the Login box.

If you are a member of the European Association of Biblical Studies (EABS), but not of SBL, please click here to propose a paper.
For all other persons wanting to propose a paper, you must communicate directly with the chair of the program unit to which you want to propose. Chairs have the responsibility to make waiver requests, and their email addresses are available above. SBL provides membership and meeting registration waivers only for scholars who are outside the disciplines covered by the SBL program, specifically most aspects of archaeological, biblical, religious, and theological studies.
Questions About Membership?
  • Call 866-727-9955 Toll Free in the US
  • Call 404-727-9498 Outside the US
  • Fax us at 404-727-2419
  • Email us at 



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