The Nature of Creation: Examining the Bible and Science (Biblical Challenges in the Contemporary World) by Mark Harris

It is generally assumed that science and religion are at war. Many now claim that science has made religious belief redundant; others have turned to a literalist interpretation of biblical creation to reject or revise science; others try to resolve Darwin with Genesis. "The Nature of Creation" addresses this complex debate by engaging with both modern science and biblical scholarship together. Creation is central to Christian theology and the Bible, and has become the chosen battleground for scientists, atheists and creationists alike. "The Nature of Creation" presents a sustained historical investigation of what the creation texts of the Bible have to say and how this relates to modern scientific ideas of beginnings. The book aims to demonstrate what science and religion can share, and how they differ and ought to differ.


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της Ευλαμπίας Τσιρέλη

Το βιβλίο αποτελεί την έκδοση της μεταπτυχιακής μου εργασίας που είχε τίτλο "Το δέντρο στη διήγηση του Παραδείσου και στο πολιτιστικό περιβάλλον του Ισραήλ"-Τμήμα Θεολογίας, Θεολογική Σχολή Α.Π.Θ.
Σύντομη περιγραφή:

Το βιβλίο αυτό πραγματοποιεί ένα ταξίδι στον αρχαίο κόσμο και πραγματεύεται το Ιερό Δέντρο στους πολιτισμούς των Σουμερίων, Ασσυρίων, Βαβυλωνίων, Αιγυπτίων, Χαναναίων και Εβραίων. Τι ποιότητες απέδωσαν στο σύμβολο του δέντρου όλοι αυτοί οι λαοί; Με ποιο τρόπο οι μυθολογικές παραστάσεις της Εγγύς Ανατολής αποδόθηκαν στο βιβλικό κείμενο; Ποιες είναι οι ρίζες των δύο δέντρων της ιστορίας του βιβλικού Παραδείσου; Τι ακριβώς ήταν το δέντρο της γνώσης του καλού και του κακού και τί το δέντρο της ζωής στον κήπο της Εδέμ; Ποια η σχέση τους με το φυτό του Γκιλγκαμές, το ασσυριακό δέντρο της ζωής και τα υπόλοιπα ιερά δέντρα;
Όλα αυτά θα μας απασχολήσουν σε ένα ταξίδι στον χρόνο και στους μύθους του παρελθόντος, στην αναζήτηση της αθανασίας, της γνώσης και του χαμένου Παραδείσου.
This book is the publication of my Master’s dissertation, titled “The tree in the paradise story and in the cultural environment of Israel”. 
Short description:

This book makes a journey to the ancient world and discusses the Sacred Tree in the civilizations of the Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Canaanites and Jews. What qualities were attributed to the symbol of the tree in all these people? How mythological representations of the ancient Near East were attributed to the biblical text and what are the roots of the two trees in the story of biblical paradise? What exactly was the tree of knowledge of good and what evil and the tree of life in the Garden of Eden, and what was their relationship with the plant of Gilgamesh, the Assyrian tree of Life and other sacred trees?""



"Mental Culture: Classical Social Theory and the Cognitive Science of Religion "

by Dimitris Xygalatas (Editor) (Author) , William W. McCorkle (Author) , Jr. (Editor) (Author)  

Why is the set of human beliefs and behaviours that we call "religion" such a widespread feature of all known human societies, past and present, and why are there so many forms of religiosity found throughout history and culture? "Mental Culture" brings together an international range of scholars - from Anthropology, History, Psychology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies - to answer these questions. Connecting classical theories and approaches with the newly established field of the Cognitive Science of Religion, the aim of "Mental Culture" is to provide scholars and students of religion with an overview of contemporary scientific approaches to religion while tracing their intellectual development to some of the great thinkers of the past.


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